Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shine, Not Burn-- Elle Casey

Holy crap!!! Never realized that I would love me a cowboy until I met Mack!! Jesus, this man..... there are almost no words. If I could trade places with Andie, I so would. This man is so yummy......
Andie, a young attorney, gets roped into going to Vegas for a girls weekend with her two best friends, much to her dismay as she is dead set determined to focus on her career, and not have a social life at all. Poor boring girl. Luckily, her friends, which are hilarious by the way, do not take no for an answer and force her along. So, after a few rounds of gambling at the casino, she meets Mack- a damn fine cowboy, who just happens to be in Vegas as well for his brother's bachelor party. He, like Andie, didn't think he needed to come either as he thought that work on the family ranch was more important than his own social life. Poor boring guy.
Enter the sexual chemistry, which is immediate and intense- so much so, that they decide to do what Andie has never thought of doing before, and go to her room to have a one night stand. Sounds all fine and good right? Yeah sure, except that somewhere during the sex- they connect, and I don't just mean bodily- I mean down on a deep personal level. And suddenly the thought of leaving the other scares the shit out of both of them, as they both felt what was there between them. So, they decide that they are just gonna keep this thing going for a bit longer and see what happens. And what happens, is that they decide to go out on the town, and drink-- alot. They drink so much, that they end up at an all night wedding chapel- yeah you can guess the rest.
The thing that sucks is that the next morning, Andie doesn't remember a thing, and Mack had left her hotel room long enough to go and find his crowd to tell them what was going on. So, thinking that nothing is amiss, Andie and her posse check out and head home- leaving Mack pissed as all hell when he returns to find her gone and not a way to track her down.
Fast forward a ways into the future, and Andie is now engaged to some yuppie attorney in the firm where she works, and he is a total ass, but he fits the life plan that she has set for herself, so she goes with it. When she applies for their marriage license, she receives a call from the clerk's office that there must be some kind of mistake on her part, as she is already married-- to Mack. Suddenly, bits and pieces of that fateful night come rushing back, however, not enough that she knows the full story. Chalking all of this up to a terrible life lesson, she sets out for Mack's home state to track him down, in order to obtain a divorce- and to fill in the blanks about what really happened. She expects that Mack remembers as little as she does about it, and that he will be as glad as she is to get the divorce taken care of. Little does she know, not only does he remember everything about the night, but he is dead set and determined that she is his wife and a divorce is NOT going to happen!! Talk about some fireworks going off when he makes this little declaration!!
Now, without giving anything away, let's just say that Mack takes great time and pleasure in using as many naughty ways as possible to convince Andie to give their marriage and him a shot. Talk about determination, lol. This boy was not going down without one hell of a fight!! And I love that it worked, giving them the HEA that they needed and both really wanted, even though I don't think they realized it.
This is such an awesome book-- I adored it completely, and laughed my ass off so many times throughout it that it made the whole thing even better!! I could not recommend this one any higher than I already do!!
5 HUGE stars!!!!!

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