Sunday, August 4, 2013

This Man (This Man Trilogy)-- Jodi Ellen Mappas

Let me start by saying this: even though this is a trilogy- you will only see this one review from me for it, as I WILL NOT be finishing this series........ Why, you ask?? Mainly because this book just straight up pissed me off!! And that really isn't an easy feat with a book- but this one did. I really don't see how anyone could have been so interested in reading the rest of the books after getting introduced to the characters in this one. Ava, our female lead- is quite possibly, the most spineless creature on the face of the planet. The girl should really just have "Doormat" tattooed to her freaking forehead. We are lead to believe that she is this intelligent young woman, a highly successful interior designer in London, completely in control of her own life and such. Boy, what a ruse.... What we find out is that she really is completely co-dependent and a babbling idiot when in the presence of Jesse Ward- the male lead. They meet when she is contracted to do some renovations on some property of his, and of course, she falls for him immediately- and vice versa. Which all would be sweet and wonderful, if not for the fact that in reality- Jesse is really a controlling, manipulative, lying asshole who basically uses Ava's own body and her attraction for him, against her. We are talking controlling what she wears, where she goes, who she is with, what jobs she accepts at work, and even whether or not she takes her birth control pills (yeah, he hides them from her). Told ya, he is an asshole.........
But, instead of getting completely sickened by this disturbing behavior and sending the jerk packing, our gutless little Ava (I am not about to refer to her as our heroine!), instantly caves and seemingly forgets all of his transgressions whenever he touches her!! WTF!! Like I said, totally pissed me off.
The whole novel goes back and forth like this, with the conclusion showing Jesse to also be a huge liar-- as he has been keeping a terrible secret (actually two) from her. Of course when she finds out, she leaves him, stews on it for a while, then caves again and goes back to him-- only to discover yet another ugly truth about him that sends her packing again. This ends the novel.
I did glance ahead and check out the next in the series, Beneath this Man, followed by This Man Confessed-- hoping that maybe Jesse would redeem himself somehow and make me want to continue on with the series, but to no avail........... We find out in Beneath this Man, that he has cheated on her, so yeah, that was it for me. I cannot force myself to suffer through being pissed through two more novels, hating the two lead characters the entire time and wishing nothing more than to be able to crawl into my Kindle and choke them. So, this is it for me-- no more for this trilogy. So folks, read if you like, but I only give this 2 stars and do not recommend it at all.

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