Sunday, August 4, 2013

Naked (The Blackstone Affair Trilogy)-- Raine Miller

I really loved this series, I just want to start out with that- it was just a great one, and I highly recommend it to y'all. I keep saying that I am going to get away from trilogies, or wait until all of the books are out before I read them, so as to not have to suffer through cliffhangers or wait for the next one, etc. That being said, this one was definitely worth it, and luckily for me, I didn't pick it up until I had all of the books, lol. So, no waiting for the next one- woo hoo!!
Anyway, onto the review..... Brynn and Ethan, such a beautiful couple, and so very much in love. I love finding a book where the male lead is not afraid of showing his lady how he feels, and Ethan Blackstone is definitely not afraid of that-- he loves Brynn Bennett- true, pure and shows it to everyone.
We meet Brynn, an American graduate student living in London, also a nude model- when she shows for a photo exhibit for one of her best friends (whom she posed for at this particular showing), and it just so happens that Ethan is there. He owns a security company and is there "on the job", however, upon seeing Brynn's photo- immediately drops the money to purchase it for himself. Then he sees the model herself, and it is all over for him from there- he is totally head over heels for his "beautiful American girl". She falls for him just as quickly, so much so that she rushes out of the gallery in order to avoid the way he is making her feel, but luckily he catches her on the street, offering her a ride home so that she doesn't have to ride the tube, which luckily for us, she accepts- thus starting their beautiful relationship. Even though Ethan has initially been contacted by her father to hire him as security for her, Ethan realizes that he will not be able to keep himself from falling for her, and tries to explain that he doesn't want the job. However, he cannot stop himself from protecting her, as she is being threatened by people from her past, due to some horrible things that happened to her as a teenager, and an upcoming presidential election in the states (I don't want to give away details). Oh, and did I mention this is all taking place while the Olympics are in London, of which Ethan's company is in charge of security?? However, he always puts Brynn first, making sure that she is safe and secure and above all else, that she feels loved and happy. And she finally opens her heart to let him in when she sees all that he has done and is continuing to do for her.
But, of course, being that it is a trilogy and there has to be a cliffhanger, something occurs when her father discovers who she has fallen head over heels for and everything promptly falls apart for she and Ethan. It broke my heart when she left him, mainly because it was the first time he told her how he really felt, and she doubted it. Needless to say, I jumped right into the next novel...... All In.
5 stars!!!

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