Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sunday Arrangement-- Lucy Smith

Have I mentioned that I do not like cliffhangers??? Especially when I have no clue when the follow-up novel is coming along? So, yeah lemme just say it again-- Damn, I hate cliffhangers, or in this case- not so much a cliffhanger, but when a story is left unresolved and up in the air. This one is one of those, just a fair warning. But, it still is a great one. Here we have Lucy Hart and Pierce Maverick (sorry, but I think that is such a ridiculous name for a character), but to each author their own....... Lucy is the daughter of the owner of Hart Corporation, a big ole company that makes big ole bucks, not always the way that Lucy approves of, which is why she is on the fast track to trying to get herself into the CEO position to run the company her way. Enter Pierce, son of her father's business and family rival, the Mavericks- fresh out of college and trying to prove himself to the world. All the while, also trying to take over his father's firm, even though his dad has no clue. So, the story is based around these two headstrong prodigies getting thrown together when their fathers decide to combine their resources to build a new casino in Vegas and let Lucy and Pierce head the project. Obviously, given that these two have been raised to hate each other their entire lives, sparks fly from day one- both sexually and anger based (on both of their parts, even though the anger seems to come mainly from Lucy). 
Since these two are so intensely sexually attracted to each other, it only makes sense that the "bowchickawowwow" would happen soon after they relocate to Vegas to begin work on the casino. Hence, the "Sunday Arrangement" (not going into details on this, as you know- I don't like to give spoilers), just to say that these two are hot, and I mean freaking hot. The sex scenes between them are phenomenal and they are all about experimentation, all having to do with their arrangement. So, lemme just say-- you have to be an adventurous sexual person to enjoy some of the scenes here (i.e. lesbian sex).
Of course, sex always leads to love in these types of situations, so be prepared for some substance to the novel as well. It really is a nice story. I can't wait to see the conclusion for Lucy and Pierce. 5 stars.

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