Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Losing Hope-- Colleen Hoover

So again, I feel as though I am cheating on this review too- mainly because I don't want to give away any deets on the book- because you NEED to feel everything for yourself- you just have to, or it just isn't the same. Now, I know that some people wonder at what the purpose of a companion novel is, especially when it is the same story, just in the opposite person's POV, but I totally get it. Especially when the POV is the male's- those just seem to be the best ones. For example, I absolutely LOVED Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, however, when I read Walking Disaster (Travis's POV)-- completely blew everything else away!!!! Same thing here....... It was so much more beautiful seeing it through Dean's eyes, hearing his voice, reading his thoughts- feeling his love. Pure and simple beauty. I don't care if it was kinda the same story- it was better, so very much better. We got to see what broke Dean, well besides that one obvious thing from his past (huge spoiler- that I am shuttin' my mouth about now), which really makes his character come full circle. You get him, all of him- not just what Sky sees of him and what he shares with her. So, now, stop reading this and just buy the damn books- you will not be disappointed.
I simply...... Loved. This. Book.
5 stars!!!!

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