Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Captive in the Dark-- CJ Roberts

Okay, so this one is gonna be short- why?? Because I so totally could NOT get into this book..... at all. And that NEVER, I mean never, happens to me. Don't worry- I read the whole damn thing, but I struggle to even finish it. So, a brief excerpt on it- Caleb and Olivia- he works for an Arab bad guy, is commissioned to find someone to kidnap and train to become a sex slave to be sold at an auction to their enemy for some twisted revenge plot. Yeah, you read it right, and this all happens in good ole Cali. So, yeah, he finds sweet ole Liv, and follows through- taking her down to Mexico to get his "training" started. However, plot twist--- he falls for her- totally screwing up his shit in the process. Yeah, it really is all fucked up, to say the least. There is some steam and all that jazz, but I just was not feeling this one at all, even though so many others seemed to love it. 3 stars from this chick.

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