Sunday, July 7, 2013

Breathe Me In-- Cherrie Lynn

Ghost, oh Ghost. God how I wish you were real. This man is literally sex on a fucking stick......... But I digress. Anyway, out of my lust fog and onto to the review. Let me start by saying that this isn't really a novel, more like a novella, and more of a part of a series of Cherrie's (Unleashed, Rock Me, Leave Me Breathless, Light Me Up), even though this one kinda fits in between Rock Me and Leave Me Breathless- but it was published out of order. Does that make sense? This one just gives you more of a back story of Macy and Ghost (aka Seth), and what all happened that led up to their novel, Leave Me Breathless. I am just going to go ahead and say that this one gets a big ole 5 fat stars from me, as did all of the others listed above- I simply LOVE them all!! Especially the ones with Ghost, I mean damn, there is just something about that boy. Tatted up bad boy tattoo artist with a heart as big as Texas- yum..............
Macy, a pure little cowgirl in her own way, former roper and current manager of her family's outdoor wares store, falls for Ghost (described above, oh and did I mention- completely gorgeous) even though she thinks he could not be more wrong for her. But hey, the heart wants what it wants, yeah? She meets him one night at the shop he works at when her best friend Candace drags her along to get some ink from Ghost's boss Brian (Rock Me), and try as she might- she cannot help but be intrigued by him. And believe me, the dumbass fights it tooth and nail, until her poor little vajayjay just won't take it anymore. Go vajayjay!!! Ghost on the other hand, seems to fall and fall fast for Macy, even though from minute one he thinks he isn't good enough for her- he can't help but want her with every fiber in his body. I mean, you can see the love between these two long before either one of them even begin to think it could be a possibility- it is just that out and loud! And steam, woo hoo, are these two hot when they are together (and Leave Me Breathless is even fucking better-- trust me!!), so hot- you are gonna be fanning yaself after ;)
Get this book people!! Believe me, you will not be disappointed!! But get the rest too--- especially Leave Me Breathless (sorry, I am biased I know), but Rock Me is fucking awesome too!!! So very highly recommended!!!!!!

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