Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wicked Beat, Sinners on Tour-- Olivia Cunning

Okay, so why in THE HELL have I not started Olivia's shit before this one?? What is wrong with me?? Sexy tatted up rock stars, that love hot sex--- yeah, like I said, what is wrong with me?? And I apparently just came in on the tail end of this series because there are like three or four before this...... Damn I gotta catch up, lol.
But this particular one is about Eric and Rebekah, drummer and sound board operator (respectively) of Sinners, a hard rock band. Rebekah is new to the gig, which was formerly held by her brother Dave, but he is out of commission due to an auto accident which left him pretty messed up. Enter Rebekah, happy to help out and get her foot in the door, all the while secretly crushing on a different band member, Trey. However, Eric falls head over heels for her, and fast- and luckily, Trey is an awesome friend, so he helps to redirect all of that attention from Becks (my own lil nickname), right on back to Eric. Doesn't take much since she is as into Eric as he is her, once she opens her eyes and sees past the prior lust induced fog that Trey caused. And so it begins. These two fall hard and fast, and as unbelievable as it may seem- it really is a pure and deep love that they have. Especially when Eric helps Becks move past a terrible demon from her past, one that has made it near impossible to connect to many people at all. It is beautiful!! I love Eric, he is just the most romantic man, and has no problem showing her how much he loves her. Actually, none of the guys in the band have a problem showing their women any love-- and it is so refreshing to see that. I can't wait to read the rest of the series, as well as the Sole Regret series, as they sound just as yummy ;)
5 steamy stars

Captive in the Dark-- CJ Roberts

Okay, so this one is gonna be short- why?? Because I so totally could NOT get into this book..... at all. And that NEVER, I mean never, happens to me. Don't worry- I read the whole damn thing, but I struggle to even finish it. So, a brief excerpt on it- Caleb and Olivia- he works for an Arab bad guy, is commissioned to find someone to kidnap and train to become a sex slave to be sold at an auction to their enemy for some twisted revenge plot. Yeah, you read it right, and this all happens in good ole Cali. So, yeah, he finds sweet ole Liv, and follows through- taking her down to Mexico to get his "training" started. However, plot twist--- he falls for her- totally screwing up his shit in the process. Yeah, it really is all fucked up, to say the least. There is some steam and all that jazz, but I just was not feeling this one at all, even though so many others seemed to love it. 3 stars from this chick.

Losing Hope-- Colleen Hoover

So again, I feel as though I am cheating on this review too- mainly because I don't want to give away any deets on the book- because you NEED to feel everything for yourself- you just have to, or it just isn't the same. Now, I know that some people wonder at what the purpose of a companion novel is, especially when it is the same story, just in the opposite person's POV, but I totally get it. Especially when the POV is the male's- those just seem to be the best ones. For example, I absolutely LOVED Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, however, when I read Walking Disaster (Travis's POV)-- completely blew everything else away!!!! Same thing here....... It was so much more beautiful seeing it through Dean's eyes, hearing his voice, reading his thoughts- feeling his love. Pure and simple beauty. I don't care if it was kinda the same story- it was better, so very much better. We got to see what broke Dean, well besides that one obvious thing from his past (huge spoiler- that I am shuttin' my mouth about now), which really makes his character come full circle. You get him, all of him- not just what Sky sees of him and what he shares with her. So, now, stop reading this and just buy the damn books- you will not be disappointed.
I simply...... Loved. This. Book.
5 stars!!!!

Hopeless-- Colleen Hoover

Well, this is actually the third Colleen novel for me, my first ones being the Slammed series, although I haven't read This Girl yet-- so don't ruin it for me if you have damn it. Anywho, I had heard that this series (this one and the companion, Losing Hope), were a little more edgy than Slammed, but I gotta say- not really. Yeah, the do deal with a much darker subject matter and all, but we still have that YA, not really quite delving into Cont. Romance kinda thing going on. We've got Sky and Dean, two high school seniors who happen to meet in a chance encounter one day at their local grocery store. And immediately, there are sparks- but not exactly for the reason that you would first think. They soon discover that they actually attend the same high school and a friendship quickly begins, which almost instantly turns into something more. I really feel like I am kind of cheating with the review for this and Losing Hope because I do not want to give any details of either story away, but it really is SO good, I just want everyone to experience those emotions themselves when they figure out what all is really going on.
I will say though, that it is wonderful to read about a love that is true and pure, the way these two love each other. Even though they are teens, they really seem to be old souls- that is how much you fall into their story- it is so believable, not teeny bopper at all. There is some heart break and gut wrenching as well, so it truly fits all those romance prerequisites, but it truly does have an HEA, and there is NO cliff at the end that you wanna fling yourself over!! Would have loved to see an epilogue to see what happens in the future though ;)
4 stars

Strings-- Kendall Grey

Jesus H Christ, this chick is my kinda woman!!!! Lemme start by saying that if you are one of those meek and mild, head in the cloud, perfect fairy tale story readers-- this book just IS NOT for you!! This book is bold and brash, loud and proud, kinky and dirty, fucking hilarious and a little bit crazy too...... But hot damn, it was freaking wonderful. I actually read this one a few months ago, but am just now getting around to my review-- too many books going on at one time. But let me say, I am most definitely loving this author now and am so looking forward to her other shit.
Here we have Letty, a bad ass, true to her soul rock chick that grabs life by the short and curlies and does not let go- no matter what. And boy, is it one hell of a ride. See, she is the lead of a band- Cherry Buzz Float (yeah I totally love the name), along with Kate and Jinx (guitar and drums, respectively)-- and they are just trying to get their feet off the ground and get a tour going and all that shizz, since they are all the broke and struggling artist types. So, Letty goes to the bar on her birthday and meets up with Shades (Todd), looking for some good ole kink to take away her troubles on her special day, and geez oh man is he more than willing to accommodate her. I mean, this dude is dirty all the way to the core, he isn't afraid to try anything, and yeah I mean anything. Which totally fits in with Letty because this chick is cray cray in the sack and is not afraid to let everyone know it. How's that for some damn women's lib??? So after their so damn hot your skin will melt off of your body interlude- she leaves him the next day- thinking "damn, what a good fuck, but hey- see ya round".............. If only.
So, remember that whole tour she wants to get going?? Yeah, good ole Shades? See he's a rocker too- the new lead for Killer Dixon, arch nemesis, but fellow client to Cherry Buzz Float's manager... See where I'm going with this?? So, needless to say-- that so fucking hot that your skin sizzles and melts sex-- yeah, that shit continues--- a whole damn lot!!! Yum freaking tastic......... All I can say is that this is one of the most sexual books I have ever read, and I could not recommend it more highly even if I tried. 5 huge fucking shiny stars for this 'un.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Breathe Me In-- Cherrie Lynn

Ghost, oh Ghost. God how I wish you were real. This man is literally sex on a fucking stick......... But I digress. Anyway, out of my lust fog and onto to the review. Let me start by saying that this isn't really a novel, more like a novella, and more of a part of a series of Cherrie's (Unleashed, Rock Me, Leave Me Breathless, Light Me Up), even though this one kinda fits in between Rock Me and Leave Me Breathless- but it was published out of order. Does that make sense? This one just gives you more of a back story of Macy and Ghost (aka Seth), and what all happened that led up to their novel, Leave Me Breathless. I am just going to go ahead and say that this one gets a big ole 5 fat stars from me, as did all of the others listed above- I simply LOVE them all!! Especially the ones with Ghost, I mean damn, there is just something about that boy. Tatted up bad boy tattoo artist with a heart as big as Texas- yum..............
Macy, a pure little cowgirl in her own way, former roper and current manager of her family's outdoor wares store, falls for Ghost (described above, oh and did I mention- completely gorgeous) even though she thinks he could not be more wrong for her. But hey, the heart wants what it wants, yeah? She meets him one night at the shop he works at when her best friend Candace drags her along to get some ink from Ghost's boss Brian (Rock Me), and try as she might- she cannot help but be intrigued by him. And believe me, the dumbass fights it tooth and nail, until her poor little vajayjay just won't take it anymore. Go vajayjay!!! Ghost on the other hand, seems to fall and fall fast for Macy, even though from minute one he thinks he isn't good enough for her- he can't help but want her with every fiber in his body. I mean, you can see the love between these two long before either one of them even begin to think it could be a possibility- it is just that out and loud! And steam, woo hoo, are these two hot when they are together (and Leave Me Breathless is even fucking better-- trust me!!), so hot- you are gonna be fanning yaself after ;)
Get this book people!! Believe me, you will not be disappointed!! But get the rest too--- especially Leave Me Breathless (sorry, I am biased I know), but Rock Me is fucking awesome too!!! So very highly recommended!!!!!!

The Sunday Arrangement-- Lucy Smith

Have I mentioned that I do not like cliffhangers??? Especially when I have no clue when the follow-up novel is coming along? So, yeah lemme just say it again-- Damn, I hate cliffhangers, or in this case- not so much a cliffhanger, but when a story is left unresolved and up in the air. This one is one of those, just a fair warning. But, it still is a great one. Here we have Lucy Hart and Pierce Maverick (sorry, but I think that is such a ridiculous name for a character), but to each author their own....... Lucy is the daughter of the owner of Hart Corporation, a big ole company that makes big ole bucks, not always the way that Lucy approves of, which is why she is on the fast track to trying to get herself into the CEO position to run the company her way. Enter Pierce, son of her father's business and family rival, the Mavericks- fresh out of college and trying to prove himself to the world. All the while, also trying to take over his father's firm, even though his dad has no clue. So, the story is based around these two headstrong prodigies getting thrown together when their fathers decide to combine their resources to build a new casino in Vegas and let Lucy and Pierce head the project. Obviously, given that these two have been raised to hate each other their entire lives, sparks fly from day one- both sexually and anger based (on both of their parts, even though the anger seems to come mainly from Lucy). 
Since these two are so intensely sexually attracted to each other, it only makes sense that the "bowchickawowwow" would happen soon after they relocate to Vegas to begin work on the casino. Hence, the "Sunday Arrangement" (not going into details on this, as you know- I don't like to give spoilers), just to say that these two are hot, and I mean freaking hot. The sex scenes between them are phenomenal and they are all about experimentation, all having to do with their arrangement. So, lemme just say-- you have to be an adventurous sexual person to enjoy some of the scenes here (i.e. lesbian sex).
Of course, sex always leads to love in these types of situations, so be prepared for some substance to the novel as well. It really is a nice story. I can't wait to see the conclusion for Lucy and Pierce. 5 stars.

Almost-- Anne Elliot

Now, I usually do not tend to go for the YA novels, as most of the time, the content is really concentrated on teens and their issues. Which, let's be honest- I am not a teen, and haven't had any interest in teen drama in years, lol. That being said, Almost had been on my TBR list for well over a year and it just happened to have been put on sale one day at Amazon, so I thought- WTH, let's do this. Kinda glad I did, I gotta say. This one is about Jess and Gray, two teens in their senior year in high school, both competing for an internship at a techy geek company in town that they both seem to love. At least that is how we are introduced to them. However, they have history long before this we soon find out. Jess apparently went to a party as a freshmen years prior, having snuck out of her house to do so, and got drunk and was almost raped by a fellow student. Hence the title, Almost. Gray, being the knight in shining armor that he is, just happened to show up at the right time and stop it from happening, completely unbeknownst to Jess. She seriously has no clue that he saved her. Oh to top it all off- this poor boy has pined for her since the first time he saw her their freshmen year. Skip ahead four years, and here they are, both wanting the internship- each for completely different reasons. He for financial ones (as it a paid internship) and she for personal ones (her parents are reluctant to let her go off to college until she proves that she has moved on from her incident). Jess is desperate to show her parents that she is "better", even though she still has nightmares and has not healed from her experience at all- therefore, she strikes up a deal with Gray to have him be her pretend boyfriend, thus showing her parents that she has a life. In exchange for it, she lets him take the money from the internship that they both get, all the while, never knowing that he knows all about her horrible past and is intent on protecting her no matter what. This really is a great heartwarming story about young love, dealing with both the beauty and the pain that it involves. I would recommend it and would rate it 4 stars.