Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten Tiny Breaths-- K.A. Tucker

My oh my, what a mind f*#k this book was, but in the best way!! So, what was have here, is Kacey, a twenty year old chick who just four years prior lost both parents, her boyfriend and her best friend in a horrific car accident. Caused by a drunk driver- yeah the worst of the worst type of accident. So, after dealing with some major family drama, she takes her fifteen year old sister and takes off for a new life in Florida. Now, let me just say- this is one ice cold chick- I am talking exterior of steel, one that she has carefully built over the last few years as her own form of self preservation, and her way of holding onto all of the anger and guilt that she carries over the accident. Now, enter her new neighbor- Trent, who without any major effort on his part, completely shatters every last brick in her wall and leaves her reeling. She cannot understand why she has fallen so heavy and quick for this guy, except that she takes glee in the fact that he seems to have fallen just as hard for her.
So, they have some happy times together, and she FINALLY makes a HUGE (and I mean huge) step for her, and gives herself completely to him- trusting him with her whole heart. Now- enter the mind f*#k...........
Without it being in his control, he breaks her heart, and then has to go above and beyond to try and win back her trust. Luckily, she takes him back- because really, we see why the guy did what he had to do. I mean, when I figured out the twist to the story, I felt my heart rip in two for the guy- I felt like I bled his pain right along with him.
There are some truly heart wrenching moments in this book- all perfectly written. You cannot help but to be pulled into the story and feel everything that these two are going through. I loved it, beginning to end- highly recommend to everyone. 5 stars. Already have the next book, One Tiny Lie, in my TBR list, just gotta get to it now!!!  :)

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