Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fire Inside-- Kristen Ashley

Well, it only seems fitting that my first official review be of the latest genius born of the greatest author ever-- Mrs. Kristen Ashley. So, thanks to the wonderful Netgalley, I was able to obtain an ARC of KA's latest, Fire Inside. This is the second novel in her newest series, The Chaos Series, which is a spinoff from a previous novel, Motorcycle Man.

I, of course, was Johnny on the Spot the day that Own the Wind was released and dug right in, loving every second. That being said- Fire Inside was even better!!! Hop is just all around a yummolicious biker alpha that wastes no time whatsoever in getting what he wants. I fell in love with him from the get go. And Lanie, my god- that girl has such a beautiful story to tell, you just cannot help but shout into your Kindle to encourage the HEA that is bound to happen for these two. I hate to give spoilers away, so I won't, especially since the book has yet to be released, but this is by far- the best one yet.

Hop........ There are just no words for how beautiful that man feels and loves and lives his life. For his kids, his brothers and most of all for the love of his woman. It is just too beautiful for words. Lanie....... Well as much as I love her, there were times I just wanted to shake her hard and say "Lady, can you not see how wonderful this man is??" Luckily for we avid HEA lovers, KA did not disappoint in pulling Lanie's thumb out and going after her happiness.

Those who loved Motorcycle Man will love the fact that all of your faves are continued in this novel, and that we get to see further into the lives of the characters that we know and love. Even though this novel is part of a series, there is no cliffhanger at the end to drive us crazy and make us wonder if everyone gets their own slice of heaven.

This novel most definitely receives 5 stars from me- a truly captivating story for any avid reader!!!

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